Meet the Team

Willow – Spaniel x 3yrs 

Chief Toy Tester

Willow applied for the food tester job, but it soon became apparent she really would eat anything.  To ensure we stock only the best foods we needed a more discerning taste tester.

Willow is very particular about her toys though.  She wants to be entertained and not have a toy explode on her within a few seconds.  Her favourites are Beco balls, Hyper tennis balls & a good chew root.

Bailey – Poodle x terrier 4yrs 

Chief Food Tester & customer greeter.

Baily is very discerning about his food.   Many foods do not even pass the sniff test, some that do are later unceremoniously rejected.  So we know that if Bailey likes it there is a high chance yours will too.  His current favourites are Soopa dental sticks & Naturaw Prime Venison.

You can sometimes find Bailey at the shop greeting our customers.  He really enjoys getting lots of fuss & cuddles.

Bally – Collie x 11yrs 


Bally has had many roles most prominent was her time in security. She took retirement late last year, so she can spend more time doing what she loves most. Sleeping & eating. 

Barking still features highly but with that many years in security it’s a hard habit to break.