Meet the Team

Willow – Spaniel x 7yrs (Chief Toy Tester)

Willow applied for the food tester job, but it soon became apparent she really would eat anything.  To ensure we stock only the best foods we needed a more discerning taste tester.

Willow is very particular about her toys though.  She wants to be entertained and not have a toy explode on her within a few seconds.  Her favourites are Beco balls, and a good chew root.

Bailey – Poodle x terrier 8yrs (Chief Food Tester & customer greeter)

Bailey is very discerning about his food.   Many foods do not even pass the sniff test, some that do, are later unceremoniously rejected.  So we know that if Bailey likes it, there is a high chance yours will too.  His current favourites are Fish4Dogs Calamari and Utterly Rawsome Turkey protein pack

You can sometimes find Bailey at the shop greeting our customers.  He really enjoys getting lots of fuss & cuddles.  Unless you’re dog then, he will make clear it is HIS shop.

Bally – Collie x 15yrs  (Retired)

Bally has had many roles, her most prominent was her time in security. She will follow you around and check your basket thoroughly.

She took retirement  last year, so she can spend more time doing what she loves most. Sleep, eat, repeat.

Barking still features highly but with that many years in security it’s a hard habit to break.

Dizzy (Bella) – Maltese 4yrs  (Alarm system)

Yes she is very cute, small and fluffy but don’t let those looks deceive you.

Although she won’t see you coming she will hear you from at least 2 metres.  She will then sound the alarm.

Dizzy is a one person dog, so you won’t see her in the shop very often as she isn’t a fan of crowds.  She loves nothing more than my lap or blanket to snuggle.

Despite some initial fussiness, she is now a big food lover and can a hear a treat packet open from the other side of Bisley

Dan – Chief Puppy cuddlier,  maker, tech wizard and more!

Dan is the backbone of the shop.  Not only will he greet your dog with the same enthusiasm a puppy Labrador greets you, he ensures your orders are packed, the website is working, freezers are topped up.  In the few moments he has spare he makes collars and wooden dog beds.   Dan is also very knowledgeable about canine diets and can help you get on the right path  Here’s what a customer had to say

“What a PHENOMENAL experience we had with DAN THE MAN today!!! Firstly, he welcomed us in after they had closed which we greatly appreciated.. having spoke with Abby the night prior and explained our situation, she relayed our entire conversation about looking to change feeding for our picky mini sausage dog. Dan spent 30 mins opening all different types of food to see what our dog was interested in. After a truly detailed and bespoke questioning of his habits, we settled on one and he spent extra time giving direction on how much he would need per day etc, along with so many other great tips and information. I cannot speak highly enough about their business. You can truly see their passion and care for not only their customers, but their dog’s wellbeing”

Abby – Passionate about all things dog and nutrition.

It’s difficult to write a bio about yourself, so I have taken a customer review for an unbiased perspective 🙂

Abby is a woman of great Sagacity. She has been very helpful from day 1 of our journey with Milo. She always listens out and has so much to give! I’m glad she is always ready to happily share her knowledge. She is undoubtedly a curly haired angel, a wealth of knowledge about ‘anything and everything dogs’. I can mention numerous instances where Abby has gone that extra mile. She helped Milo get back on his paws after a wobbly transition to raw.
Pets come first for Abby and Dan.
Such warm people and great support at every small step.
Thank you is too small a word for all that you’ve done for Milo! I’m glad we found you. Appreciate your time, dedication, passion and love to what you do which makes life smooth and enjoyable for us and our fur babies.