Alaska Wild (pheasant, deer, quail and mackerel) 800g


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A complete variant with different animal species from the game category. This variant contains various wild animal species such as pheasant, deer, quail and mackerel and a vegetable mix with carrot, spinach and cauliflower. The supplement with salmon oil and vitamins and minerals ensures that the product is complete, it contains all the nutrients that your dog needs.

Alaska Natural Dog Food is frozen immediately after production so that the naturally present vitamins are retained. By varying your dog’s diet with Alaska Natural Dog Food’s assortment of meals, you’re giving your dog a wide range of nutrients in the correct proportions. No artificial vitamins or minerals are added, since the ingredients we use naturally contain the right balance of vitamins and minerals. There are no vitamin supplements in nature after all.

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23% Pheasant body, 23% quail body, 15% deer meat, 15% mackerel, 15% vegetable mix (5% carrot, 5% spinach, 5% cauliflower), 7% hare breast, 1% salmon oil

Moisture62  %
Protein15  %
Fat13  %
Fiber0.4  %
Ash3.4  %

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