Alexander Naturals Blueberry Kefir Paws (7 Pack)


£1.72 per 100g

🐾 7 paws per pack
🐾 Serve frozen with their meal or as a treat
🐾 Kefir is packed full of nutrition and a great source of vitamin b12, b2, vitamin d and magnesium!
🐾 Much more powerful probiotic than any yoghurt, contains over 30 strains of powerful, good and friendly yeasts making it a diverse probiotic source, ideal for helping to treat ‘yeasty dogs’
🐾 Kefir has potent antibacterial qualities, it can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria including salmonella, e coli & helibacter pylori
🐾 Kefir helps to improve bone health, rich in both calcium and vitamin K2. K2 plays a major role in calcium metabolism and studies prove an 81% reduction in fractures when supplementing with kefir.
🐾 Kefir can help balance the gut, and can help with digestive disorders such as IBS, diverticular disease & crohns. It repopulates the gut with healthy bacteria & yeast.

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