BarkinBistro Chicken & Vegetable Special Diet 1kg


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85/15 Chicken & Vegetables complete raw meal – Superfood Blend

85% Northern Irish meat, bone and organ meat, 15% Fresh vegetables, Turmeric and Flaxseed oil.

Chicken is not only gentle on sensitive stomachs but being low in fat levels makes it great for maintaining weight, and is suitable for dogs that can be prone to conditions such as pancreatitis and diabetes.

  • Low Fat
  • Single Protein
  • Human Grade Ingredients
  • Grain Free
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Clearly Labelled

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85% Chicken (Chicken with bone 40%, Chicken Heart 20%, Chicken Gizzard 15%, Chicken Liver 10%) Apple, Broccoli, Carrot, Cabbage, Sweet Potato, Flaxseed Oil, Turmeric.

Moisture 68.7%, Protein 14.7%, Fat 4.35%, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 0.39%

Per 100g as fed.

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