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Gentle wipes infused with shea butter and aloe vera, to clean up the muckiest of pups while keeping coats shiny and soft. Hooray for no more baths!

Some dogs can have dry and sensitive skin which without the correct care can become irritated. Our hypoallergenic wipes are paraben, sulphate and alcohol free, making them suitable for daily use on all dogs. The plant fibres are extra soft for paws, bums and tums and anything in between.

We all know our dogs love to run and roll around in muddy puddles, it’s in their nature. Our gentle wipes are extra soft for paws, bums and tums and anything in between while keeping their coat shiny and soft.

Bamboo is a species of grass that grows in abundance 30x faster than trees. In turn, producing 30 x more oxygen and absorbing 35 x more carbon dioxide. It’s a cut-and-come-again plant, which means it can be cropped without disrupting the root ball, minimising carbon release when it’s harvested.

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