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Our Lungworm test includes all you need to screen for the following in cats or dogs:

Please note: This is for a lungworm kit only. This does not include Intestinal worms. Please see our combined kit to screen for both intestinal worm & lungworm.


  • Canine Lungworm
  • Fox Lungworm
  • Hedghog Lungworm


  • Capillaria Aerophilus
  • Aelurostrongylus Abstrusus

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What does the Worm and Lungworm test include?

Dog Lungworm Analysis

    • Oslerus osleri. (Canine Lungworm)
    • Crenosoma vulpis, (Fox Lungworm)
    • Filaroides Hirth (Canine Lungworm)
    • Eucoleus aerophiles (Hedgehog Lungworm)
    • Angiostrongylus Vasorum (French Heartworm)

Cat Lungworm Analysis

    • Capillaria Aerophilus
    • Aelurostrongylus Abstrusus

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