Fresco Advent Calendar for Dogs (Christmas Tree)


Keep your dog full of festive spirit all through December with this HUGE tasty Advent calendar.  The Advent Calendar is 53 x 41cm in size, chances are it’s bigger than your dog!

The calendar has a treat slot for every day from December 1st up to Christmas Eve. (With a special, extra-large treat behind the last door)

55 irresistible Fresco goodies await:

  • Duck Fillet (1x)
  • Chicken Hamburger (8x)
  • Chicken Drops (8x)
  • Duck Drops (10x)
  • Chicken Fillet (2x)
  • Turkey Drops (8x)
  • Turkey Stars (15x)
  • Duck Hamburger (2x)
  • Beef Pizzle Chew Stick (1x)
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A complementary treat for dogs
Suitable for dog’s over 12 weeks of age

Feeding recommendation: Open a door every day for a delicious surprise. To feed as a treat alongside your dog’s normal daily diet, please remember to reduce your dog’s main meal intake when feeding treats as they add to their daily allowance. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Always ensure fresh drinking water is readily available when your dog eats treats, chews or food.


  • Duck fillet (1x) : 95% duck meat, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Chicken Hamburger (8x) : 95% chicken, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Chicken snacks (8x) : 95% chicken meat, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Duck snack (10x) : 95% duck meat, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Chicken fillet (2x) : 95% chicken, 5% vegetable glycerine
  • Turkey snack (8x) : 95% turkey meat, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Turkey Stars (15x) : 95% turkey, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Duck hamburger (2x) : 95% duck meat, 5% vegetable glycerin
  • Beef Pizzle Chew Stick (1x) : 85% Beef head skin, 15% Bull Pizzle (Hard Chew)

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