Green Wilds Cornish Fishcakes with Salmon and Pumpkin Seed 150g


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Baked in Cornwall; a great snack for any dog. High in Omega 3 for a healthy skin and coat. Contains the amino acid Cucurbitin which is an effect agent against worms and other intestinal parasites. 100% natural and tasty.

Why it’s soooo good

High in Omega 3 and antioxidants
Low in calories
Good for digestive and urinary tract health
Aids in the fight against worms and intestinal parasites
Natural pre-biotic for good gut health
High in natural minerals and vitamin C
High in Beta-Carotene
Natural anti-inflamotory

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48% Salmon; 38% Whitefish; 10% Potato; 4% Pumpkin Seeds

Analytical information:

protein 81.5%; fat 1.3%; Ash 23.9%; moisture 2.2%;

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