Louis & Ada – Senior Tonic 180ml

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Named after the founders of Naturaw – Louis & Ada. A carefully selected blend of 100% natural herbs and botanicals targeted for the older dog, developed to support the more sluggish digestive system and ageing joints along with ingredients to promote heart & liver health. A powder containing the wonderful mineral and amino acid rich kelp, fibrous psyllium husk for digestion, apium seed & milk thistle for a variety of benefits including liver health & cayenne for circulation. There’s also green lipped mussel for those ageing joints and the pre & probiotics for all round support but especially gut health.

Joints| Digestion| Liver| Pre & Pro Biotic| General Health| Made in Britain| Chemical Free

The key to a healthy, happy dog starts with feeding a natural, fresh diet. We don’t believe in throwing every single supplement at every single dog in every single meal in their food, but sometimes you may want to target a specific problem with some extra natural support. Calling on natures’ pharmacy, our range of botanical support powders have been meticulously developed to support your dog from the inside out. We’ve carefully selected blends of herbs and botanicals to target common ailments.

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kelp, apium seed, psyllium husk, milk thistle, cayenne, green lipped mussel, pre & probiotics

Feeding instructions
Add to food or mix with a little water to form a paste.

Under 15kg / 0.5 tsp
15-30kg / 1 tsp
30-50kg / 1.5 tsp
50kg+ / 2 tsp

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