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Made from natural ingredients, Mr Slobberchops Supplement powder has been formulated especially to work on supporting a dogs immune system.

The ingredients within our supplement work alongside each other with no harsh stimulation but they have a gentle cleansing with adaptagenic herbs. These properties are gentle, yet effective, with parasites in mind.

Our products are made for all dogs, but could especially suit those more sensitive dogs as well.

Mr Slobberchops unique “in food” blend firmly bolts down the multi- level approach when used alongside the natural Flea & Tick collars or Spot-Ons.

We prefer to prevent rather than treat

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Ingredients: Neem Leaf, Basil Leaf, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Peppermint Leaf, Astragulus Root, Yucca, Calendula, Ginger Root

Recommended Amounts

Dogs below 7kg 1/8th teaspoon or very small pinch once daily.

Small to Medium dogs from 7kg to 17kg ¼ teaspoon once daily

Medium to Large Dogs 18kg to 28kg ½ teaspoon once daily

Dogs over 28kg 1 teaspoon once daily.

For Dogs Only

Suitable from 12 weeks or age. Not for use on pregnant or whelping bitches

This supplement does not replace a balanced diet

100% Natural
Mr. Slobberchops Approved


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