Mystery Raw Box 5kg


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Mystery Box is 5kg of varying raw products.

This item is not refundable

The box will include, products with,

Torn/split packaging
Bloody packaging
Unlabelled (label has fallen off in freezer)

The food itself is perfectly fine, although on split bags it may have some freezer burn.

We hate waste, so we are selling these products at less than cost, to avoid them going in the bin and hopefully helping feed some hungry doglets.

These can be a combination of any products, in varying sizes, brands.
Completes, boneless, carcass minces. Great for DIY feeders looking for a bargain.

We will endeavour to provide a good combination and will not only provide carcass or boneless.

We do not recommend this for dogs with allergies, or digestive conditions as protein type, veg, bone and fat contents will vary.

Items cannot be switched, or returned.

Every box will differ, depending on what items we have at the time in the conditions detailed above. So if you buy one now and another in 2 months, it won’t necessarily be the same.

Out of stock

Individual products will detail nutritional information.

Not suitable for dogs with allergies or digestive conditions as not all products included will be suitable

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Weight5 kg


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