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We feel as a company; it is important not only to source the best quality human grade produce, but we also follow that up with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and fully recyclable packaging.

All ingredients have been selected from wild/sustainable and ethical sources. All meat is UK sourced (excluding Kangaroo)and all poultry is free-range. This product has over 80% meat content and 12% bone content. This product is free from grain and filler.

Chicken with bone 10%, Ox heart 10%, Pork chunks, 10%, Kangaroo chunks 10%, Venison Chunks 10%, Tripe 10%, Goat 7%, Lamb chunks 5%,
Offal 10%, Turkey with bone 5%, Duck with bone 5%, Whole rabbit 3%, green curly Kale, Fresh green runner Beans, Parsnips,
Algae Oil, Fairtrade Turmeric, Raw sea Kelp, Fresh Parsley, Wild Nettles, Green Lipped Mussel.

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Protein 17%, Moisture 67%, Ash 2.4%, Fat/oils 10.5%, Crude Fibre 0.5%

Thaw and store in your recyclable container in the fridge and use within 4 days of defrosting. Suitable for all three life stages from 8 weeks. (Puppies, Adults, Seniors.)

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