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With this O’Tom Tick Twister you can easily and safely remove ticks from your cat or dog. O’tom Tick Twister is the improved alternative to a tick remover
Each pack contains two tick twisters: 1 x for small ticks and 1 x for larger ticks.
How to use
The O’Tom Tick Twister allows for painless, quick and complete removal of ticks. It is easier to use than other products and, during the removal of the tick, no pressure is exerted on its body so no bacteria get into the skin.
Benefits of the O’Tom Tick Twister
The rostrum of the tick (the portion that is implanted in the skin, often wrongly referred to as the head) is covered with small barbs which ensure that the tick remains embedded. Normally, when trying to remove a tick, these barbs dig in to your pet’s flesh making an expedient removal difficult. As a result the rostrum can split, and part of it may remain in the skin; this can cause a painful inflammation or infection. By rotating, the angle of the barbs is changed and ticks can be efficiently removed minimising the risk of breaking the rostrum.
The O’Tom Tick Twister does not crush the tick.
When removing a tick, it is essential to try not to crush them in order to reduce the risk of the tick releasing saliva. Their saliva contains multiple irritants to your cat or dog (and possibly bacteria and other micro-organisms which can cause disease) so it is always best to completely remove such pests. Other tick tools exert pressure on the tick, but not the O’Tom Tick Twister which enables ticks to be removed quickly, painlessly and safely!


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