Sana Simply Pumpkin Strip (Single)


Unique on the market. Our vegetable chewing strips look like meat, taste just as delicious, but are made exclusively from healthy pumpkin. Made of pumpkin and not just with pumpkin. Even if your dog normally doesn’t like vegetables, he will love our pumpkin strips.

The carefully selected pumpkins are sourced locally. Due to our gentle manufacturing process, the healthy nutrients contained in the pumpkin are preserved and help your dog to stay healthy.   A great low far alternative to traditional meat treats and a good way to add some fibre

The  SANADOG apple chew strips made from market-fresh pumpkin with a dash of natural guar gum. This comes from the seeds of the Cyamopsis tree native to India.

As an added bonus you will be doing your bit for the environment because they can be produced with significantly less energy than meat products

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98% pumpkin, 2% guar seeds.
Supplementary feed for dogs.

Proteins – 11.6%
Crude fat – 5.2%
Humidity – 15.2%
Crude ash – 5.2%
Crude fiber – 7.5%

All our products come in a handy resealable bag. Store only in a cool and dry place, protect from direct sunlight!

Feeding Notice
As a reward or snack between meals. Reduce the amount of feed as needed. Always provide fresh and clean drinking water. Store cool and dry. Not suitable for dogs under 3 months


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